Maintenance Analysis Report

Madrid's Maintenance Management Solutions will visit your facility and conduct a thorough analysis of your current maintenance system and practices. We will then provide a comprehensive report to include recommendations of how to potentially optimize your current maintenance system

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to utilities in North and South Carolina

Consulting Services


Based on the results of the audit we will advise and assist your staff through the process of maintenance optimization

Onsite Training

Module 1 Lift Stations Maintenance

Module 2  Equipment Maintenance

Phased Approach to Facility Equipment Asset Management


We have structured our scope of services to assure that clients get started on a “Solid Foundation” regardless of the software that they utilize.  By offering these services in a “Phased Approach”, clients find it much easier to secure funding over multiple years.

  • Year 1 - Phase I:  Asset Verification, Identification and Documentation

  • Year 2 - Phase II:   Secure software


  • Year 3 - Phase III:   Preventive Maintenance Program​