High Point, NC

Comprehensive Asset Management System

  • Phase I     Identify, Verify and Document Facility Equipment Assets

    • Conducted Site Visits

    • Asset verification.

    • Documentation.​

    • Compiled a comprehensive asset list

      • Clearly defined equipment numbering, location hierarchy to include manufacturer and model information if available.​

      • Reviewed formatted data with affected staff via online meeting to

      • Solicit input.

      • Answer any questions that may arise.​​

    • Delivered completed Equipment/Asset Inventory file to Client electronically ready for upload into preferred software.​

  • Phase II    Maintenance/Asset Management Software

    • Software set-up and configuration ("Maintenance Connection" Software)

  • Phase III    Comprehensive Equipment Preventive Management System

    • Reviewed all available information via O&M Manuals and Manufacturer’s Documentation

    • Identified and documented recommended Preventive Maintenance Tasks for each piece of equipment to include:

      • Detailed scope of Tasks

      • Frequency of Tasks

      • Special tools or equipment needed to complete Tasks

      • Electronic O&M Documents attached to Assets (Custom Bookmarked)

    • Input PM data to Software

Reference Contact

Derrick Boone
Assistant Public Works Director
City of High Point, NC