Phase III Services

Services Provided

Madrid’s Maintenance Management Solutions (MMMS) will:

  • Conduct field visits as needed to gather information.

  • Review all available information via O&M Manuals and Manufacturer’s Documentation/Internet resources to identify and document recommended Preventive Maintenance Practices for each piece of equipment to include:

    • Detailed scope of Tasks.

    • Frequency of Tasks.

    • Special tools or equipment needed to complete Tasks.

    • Estimate labor requirement of each Task to include

      • Estimated time needed to complete the Task.

      • Recommended skill level of personnel to complete the Task.

  • Prepare for upload into CMMS.

  • Prepare PDF documents, ready to attach or link to respective equipment/PM records.

    • Scan sections of existing Manuals relevant to individual PM tasks.

    • “Custom Bookmark” document for quick access to appropriate section.

    • If manual is available electronically online, complete manual will be attached and bookmarked.

    • Prepare links for upload into CMMS.



  • Electronically deliver the information gathered in the above stated Scope of Services in Excel Format, ready to be entered/uploaded into preferred software.